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What My Clients Have Said. 

Jessica, first time mom "We truly appreciated your services and felt you were available to answer all the questions I had. We felt very supported during the birth process. The reason I hired a doula was because I was nervous about the experience and how my husband and I would handle it together. I am comfortable and confident that we could go through that again and have it be another positive experience."

Evelyn, first time mom  "Lisa helped me and my partner become confident and comfortable with the birthing experience prior to and during our daughter's birth. She provided tremendous emotional support and knowledge of comfort measures and labour positions. I am so happy that Lisa was with us as we welcomed our daughter into the world. I felt a great sense of comfort from her presence and her caring nature. I would definitely want Lisa as my doula the next time around."  

Sara, first time mom "Lisa was fabulous from start to finsih! I knew from the moment we met that Lisa was who I wanted to help us - she was kind, compassionate, and most importantly an excellent listener. Throughout my pregnancy, she responded quickly with fabulous referrals for accupressure and hypnobirthing. During the labour, she brought a calm, joyful and positive energy to the room, and anticipated my needs every step of the way - from counterpressure to massage to cold cloths! She fit right in and was welcomed by the staff. Thanks Lisa!"

Amy, first time mom "Thank you so much for being there on the birth of Maya. Your support, encouragement and guidance were invaluable to us and we would not have been able to have such a special memory of our daughter being born without you. Thank you!"

Alanah, first time mom "The biggest benefit for us, was how much support my partner received. He felt like he had a much better sense pf his role and was empowered to make decisions. " 

Kayla, 2nd time mom "Our wholehearted thanks to Lisa Mackell who prepared and guided us along our journey. We definitely needed her emotional support, compassionate smile and positive energy, as we didn't get the VBAC birth we so desperately craved. She helped make the experience better for us, with her presence. In the end, we had our precious little girl in our arms!" 

Dr. S.  from Grey Nuns Hospital "Helped patient avoid a c-section" (as written on my certification evaluation form)

Robyn, first time mom "I had no idea what to expect and I was nervous about the pain and how intense it was going to get, but with your help I was able to get through it and the experience that I've always wanted. :) Just knowing that you were there for me before, during and after the birth gave me strength and confidence. Your voice, suggestions and knowledge during the birth made me feel safe and loved. Your energy is so comforting and free that make it easy to serender to instincts and "enjoy" the roller coaster of birth. Thank you so much for all that you've done for all of us during this special time."

Nicole, repeat client "It was like having your own mother with you. At one point, my legs were shaking so bad and all she did was place her hands on them and they instantly stopped. I never would have been able to follow through with my natural birth without your support. You kept me focused when things weren't going as planned. Thank you."

Deana, 2nd time mom "Thank you so much for your support during my daughter's birth - your confidence, encouragement and amazing energy truly helped make my VBAC homebirth possible!"

Carly, 2nd time mom "The only thing Lisa could have done better was to have been at the birth of our first baby!"

Tanya, repeat client "Lisa was extremely helpful during my long labour & delivery. One of the most helpful things she did was push my hips together during a contraction. It made my contractions that much more bearable. I faced more complications that I had imagined. Lisa was there and helped my husband and I to be calm and was very informative. If she wasn't there, things would've been MUCH more intense in the room. Thank you so much Lisa!"