Belly Casts Belly Casts The belly button has "popped" on this one! Casted at 37 weeks. 152765117 Love how the belly button is clearly visible. Done at 38 weeks. 152765119 Covered the breasts and belly. Done at 36 weeks. 152765120 Beautifully done. Can still remember someone was wiggly underneath the layers of plaster! Done at 37 weeks. 152764457 I remember Dad taking many pictures during this casting and thinking this was quite the unique piece of art. :) Turned out great. Done at 37 weeks. 152764458 This turned out beautiful! With the shoulders included, the mom is able to hang this from her non-pregnant self and see the difference. Done at 36 weeks. 152764461 This isn't a great view. It's a repaired cast I tried to fix. The mom did this cast (by herself!) with her previous pregnancy. I repaired it and re-enforced it to make it stronger. Now she has two belly castings from two different pregnancies. Fun! 129802914 Belly cast in it's basic form. Done at 38 weeks. 152763611 Belly cast smoothed, sanded and ready to paint. Done at 38 weeks (1 day before baby's arrival!) 152763610 Belly cast - pre sanding, trimming, smoothing and primer. Done at 37 weeks. 152765600 The same cast, now smoothed out, sanded, and primed, ready for painting. Done at 37 weeks. Completed within 3 weeks. 152764460 Mom stood for this one and I was able to get the top of her thighs. Done at 37 weeks. 152765116 Baby was very active with the casting! :) Done at 37 weeks. 152765118 Belly Cast painted and ready for it's new home. Done at 38 weeks. Mom wanted something painted that was simple and sweet. We choose lavendar and painted the stars to represent the day of the month the little girl was born on and the stars on the right side of the belly to represent the month she was born in. Turned out beautifully and mom was VERY happy! 152763612 A cute ladybug cast. Mom loves ladybugs and this turned out amazing! Cast was done at 37 weeks and ready for pickup within a month. 152763613 Adorable Monkey. Mom got this idea while searching the internet, and to the best of my abilities, I followed the picture. Turned out pretty well. :) Mom was very happy. 155176132 Simple yet elegant. A contemporary look. Hopefully this will be hanging out at "LOVE YOUR BUMP MATERNITY" in Spruce Grove. 161144503 Another Ladybug design. The golden ladybug is whimsical and fun. 161144504 Belly cast trimmed and awaiting the next step in my belly casting process. 161144608 A smoothed out belly cast, ready for whatever design the Mom wants on her belly cast. This is the mom's second belly cast with me. 161144505 Belly cast trimmed and ready to be sanded and prepped for painting. 161144607 A belly cast ready for art and design. 161144506 A raw belly cast that the mom just wanted a quick coat of paint over. She wanted to keep the raw look. Beautiful belly cast. :) 161144609 A one breasted/shouldered look. Very unique. 184419068 A raw belly cast - ready for smoothing. 184419538 The super smooth belly cast. Mom loved the durability of this cast. 184419539 191789082 191789083